The Group

Boqué group is a hospitality company that strives to ensure the long-term development of each of its concepts through enhancing the enjoyment of dining experiences while challenging your senses.

Passion, creativity, outstanding service, quality, innovation, excellence, and team work are the perfect characteristics in cultivating entrepreneurial spirit. These are just some of our values that constitute the pillars of our foundation to performance and long-term success.


Boqué’s name is synonymous to quality and experience. Core values and beliefs are the essence of what support Boqué’s mission, vision, philosophy and strategy towards sustainability and growth. Boqué is a company that will consistently and continuously support its community through numerous avenues such as volunteer work, charitable causes or any other official method available. Boqué is a long term sustainable and profitable business for its investors.


Continuously pursue new opportunities via 2 strategies: acquisition and organic growth.


Networking with our customers, community and anyone of our stakeholders by providing a cohesive environment for long term sustainability.


Commitment to being more creative for our customers and community.


Providing whatever is in our means to help the unfortunate through different avenues.


Managing by exception.


Providing the highest quality service that far exceeds our customers’ expectations!


Sort and procure the best quality products.


Providing the most unique experience while invigorating and highlighting all of the senses.


Entrance and participation in markets where we can make a significant impact with long term profitability.


Faith in partnerships by deeply collaborating with other partners for improvement, innovation, cost control and marketing.


Offering career opportunities that allow for growth.


Our mission is to enhance the gastronomical experience while raising the level of excellence in the hospitality sector. Create and manage restaurant concepts that also have positive financial growth and a sustainable business model. Boqué seeks to provide the highest quality products, service and experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations.


Boqué envisions to be a leading company in the gastro-hospitality sector by means of organic growth and synergistic, tactical, strategic and geographic acquisitions. All of Boqué’ s interests are aligned: One Boqué family serving a common purpose. We serve our customers, employees, partners, community and investors.