Asian Emphasis

The Restaurant

Baan (บ้าน, house in Thai)

Emerges as a journey through Southeast Asian cuisine and its most iconic elaborations. A succulent tour of Thailand and Vietnam that also stops in India, Korea, Japan or China to provide a unique experience in a sophisticated environment.

The Space

Baan’s space is divided into two heights, thus differentiating the restaurant located on the ground floor from its “Coctail House” located on the first floor, which can be enjoyed uninterruptedly. Undoubtedly, the perfect place to also enjoy the before and after glass, lose track of time in your exclusive room, select a wine from the more than 125 references in your winery or accompany the evening with a selection of classic cocktails or Author.

The Chef

Víctor Camargo

He is behind Baan’s proposal as executive chef of the project, where there he starts from a local and very recognizable product to put it at the service of traditional Asian techniques and recipes, as well as other cult elaborations in which its processes are respected with great fidelity and original ingredients.


Calle Villanueva, 2
28001, Madrid
911 088 900